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Range extension in the format of Exhibitor box for nylon cable ties

Range extension in the format of Exhibitor box for nylon cable ties

INDEX Fixing Systems extends the available range in Exhibitor box format for nylon cable ties with the incorporation of new measures, new Colors and new products.

The commitment to this format is due to the good results obtained with the initially launched range and the value it brings to customers and they have mentioned.
The extension consist in three new features: (New dimensions available in this document)
1.- 10 new dimensions for the black and white nylon cable ties
2.- Nylon cable tie now available in blue, green, red and brown
3.- Plug cable tie support available in black and white for 6 and 8 metrics.

“This display boxes new format increases the profitability of the linear in more than the 65%, increasing the number of references per linear meter to a total of 50 references compared to the 30 that are achieved by placing or hanging them in the usual bags. In addition, it helps in the identification and selection by the user, thanks to its attractive design and the enhanced packaging that presents in a graphic and clear way, basic product information and Modes of use.” In words of Marisa Álvarez, INDEX Fixing Systems implantation services representative.
INDEX Fixing Systems focuses on solving in the best way, the needs of all the different customers, so this format also has the EASYPackaging system, in order to exponentially facilitate the replacement at the point of sale. In this case, the upper opening of these boxes causes the replenishment to be performed in a simple way.
The implantations of the Exhibitor box for nylon cable ties, are contemplated in the expositive or display solutions that INDEX Fixing Systems includes in its customized service INDEX SPACE STUDIO. This service, provides a precise analysis of the range of products the customer wants to have in the lineal, in order to cubicle, organize and improve the point of sale, it translates into a guaranteed increase of profitability, of both the linear and the business itself.

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