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Term of business


Shipping costs will be paid from 300€ net. In this case, we reserve the right to deliver the goods through our usual shipping agent.

In the event of collect on delivery, unless expressly stated by the client, goods will be shipped by our usual shipping agent.

You are advised to check the status of the goods on reception to the carrier and to make any reservations known to the carrier, should you have any, informing of possible objections immediately.

Reception of merchandise constitutes the acceptance of TÉCNICAS EXPANSIVAS S.L. general sales conditions.

Due to matters arising from costs, they may not serve orders below 100€ will not be served. 



Replacements are not allowed.

30-day domiciled bank draft, 2.00% discount.

60-day domiciled bank draft, net.If the bills of exchanged are not domiciled, under no circumstances will TÉCNICAS EXPANSIVAS S.L. be responsible for any costs of return.

Payment documents must be submitted to us no later than 30 days after the date of invoice.

Payment documents which do not respect the maturity reflected in our bill shall incur a penalty charge of 1% per month postponement.

Our computer system will automatically withhold orders in the event of any payment defaults or delays in the receipt of payment documents. 



Unless expressly agreed by our headquarters, delivery times indicated by our representatives are estimates.

Any delay in delivery or scheduled dates will not result in penalty.



Maturities that are addressed in these months will not have charges or payments.

If maturity is fractioned 50% between the previous and next month, no charge or payment will be applied.

If the maturity date is brought forward to the previous month, a 1% discount shall be made on the invoice for prepayment.

If the maturity date is postponed to the following month, a 1% charge on the invoice shall be incurred for financial expenses.



Returns of material will not be accepted once 15 days have passed since the date of delivery.

If the return is caused by reasons not attributable to TÉCNICAS EXPANSIVAS S.L. , the customer shall send it prepaid. Additionally, the customer will be charged the cost incurred in the form of re-packaging and transport of the initial shipment. In total the surcharge will be 15% of the estimated value of the goods.

The value of the returned merchandise or credit will be deducted from the original invoice and the customer will be notified.

Materials returned by collect on delivery will not be accepted, unless sent through our usual transportation agencies.

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