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Do you still selling loose screws over the counter at your business?
Have you ever assessed the difficulties this type of sale causes?
• Need for specific personnel for sales.
• Generates difficulty in stock management by having open boxes.
• Customer must wait to be served.
• Does not facilitate impulse purchases.
• Missed opportunity to attend to sales of greater added value.

INDEX Fixing Systems presents, the new bulk product implementations with guaranteed profitability.
INDEX launches a new format of bulk sale, this system has been optimized in order to offer a series of advantages that makes it an innovative system and that adds a great added value in the point of sale.
100% Customizable
- Select assortment to offer - Avoid closed assortments which do not suit your needs. Select the number of references you wish to offer.
- Planogram and personalized volume estimation report - We calculate the space required for your selection and propose the optimal location.
Guaranteed Profitability
- Profitability guarantee study - We supply you with a personalized profitability study by reference.
The customer, autonomously select the products, without needing to be directly attended. It has 3 bags of different size, each with an assigned price. The client fills the bag, being able to mix references, and goes to the payment directly, without the need of an employee.
This new system makes a great support to the point of sale, providing a distinction with vertical or horizontal cards, stickers to mark the area, etc. which makes a maximum visibility of the product.

For more information: comercial@indexfix.com


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