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At INDEX, we are committed and working hard to adapt to the digitalisation trends of the market, with the goal of continuing to offer a cutting-edge service to our customers

One of the services we have been developing and that INDEX offers its clients to support them in their digital deployment is the concept of industry databases or information repositories.

What are Industry Databases?

They are digital data repositories that bring together all the product information of the different brands on the market in a single space and in a standardised way, making it available to distributors so they can always access updated information in an automated way and simplifying the connection between platforms.

They offer a service to share information along the value chain.

Advantages of being in the Industry Bases

At INDEX, we provide all the updated product information so that you can easily access it, integrate it with your system and use it both in your analogue and digital channels.

The main advantages of being in these Databases are:

  • Constant updating of information: You will be able to display INDEX products in your online shop in an attractive and up-to-date way. You will automatically have access to the following information
    • Product attributes. Descriptions, measurements, packaging, etc.
    • Technical descriptions.
    • Multimedia assets: photographs, videos, graphic support, etc.
  • Simplification and optimisation of processes: Automatically update and integrate your database, eliminating manual and repetitive procedures that are otherwise needed, freeing up internal resources.
  • Increased visibility and reach, offering a great user experience on your website.

In which Industry Bases is INDEX present?

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