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Color lacquered screws

Find out our high quality service of lacquering for screws
Color lacquered screws

28 July 2017

INDEX Fixing Systems offers a high quality service of color lacquering for screws.
This service allows the lacquering of a wide range of screws, both lacquered completely or only the head of the screw.
These lacquered screws are perfect for those installations, in which the customized color of the screws is essential, like facades, garden fences ...
The screw range available for lacquering is:
DIN-7504-K (with and without washer)
DIN-7504-K RE (with and without washer)
AUE (with and without washer)
DIN-7504-N HP
DIN-7504-N HC
DIN-7981 HP
DIN 7982 HP
Ask us about, there are more than 20 colors (RAL) available.


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