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New detectable flanges (BN-DT) for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

New detectable flanges (BN-DT) for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries

We present the new flanges in our range of nylon flanges: detectable BN-DT flanges that are especially designed for the food, cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries, and for all applications requiring compliance with HACCP methodology

Manufactured in 6.6 Polyamide with metal particles, their magnetic properties allow them to be detected by a metal detector or X-ray inspection equipment. And their unique blue colour makes them easy to detect visually.

Advantages and characteristics

-          Flanges with metal particles.

-          Triple detection: magnetic, X-ray and visual

-          Compatible as part of the HACCP* process

-          Available in a wide variety of sizes.

-          Working temperature: -40ºC to +85ºC

A wide range

The new flanges join the wide range already offered by INDEX:

- Nylon flangeswith CE and UL certification (available in black and white).

- Coloured flanges (available in grey, red, yellow, blue, green and brown).

- Accessories for flanges (flange plug in different colours, base with two adhesive strips, identification plaques, flanges with identification, etc.).

Display solutions

The INDEX Space Studio free service lets you arrange the flanges three different ways in the display: hanging on hooks, on trays or in display boxes.

What is the HACCP methodology?

The HACCP methodology (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is the food safety system used to identify all the potential hazards in a food's ingredients and production processes.


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