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The precision and speed of the PL screw

The precision and speed of the PL screw

The technical features of the PL family of screws make these screws the best option for quick and precise installation in drywall. The geometry of the screw tip, called "S-Point Tip", ensures professional piercing of the plates. This tip makes it possible to fix the screw at any point and from any position with a view to a comfortable final screw-in thanks to its double thread. The design of its trumpet head ensures perfect embedding on the plate.

INDEX Fixing Systems, provides professionals with two models of this screw depending on the coating: the PL-F (from 3,5 x 25 mm) with phosphate coating and the PL-Z (from 4.2 x 75 mm) with galvanised coating. Both have Ph recess and are made of special heat-treated steel. The PL screw has European certification in accordance with EN 14566.

The PL family of screws is perfect for fixing gypsum board to metal profiles, wood or other single, double and triple gypsum boards.

Available in professional box, blister and window box formats.


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