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New range of fasteners for all types of rooftop photovoltaic installations

We expands our catalogue of fastening solutions with the new Solar Fixing range. It is a complete range of solutions for all types of rooftop photovoltaic installations.
New range of fasteners for all types of rooftop photovoltaic installations

08 October 2021

The new range is designed to guarantee fast, efficient and reliable installation, for both coplanar and triangular installations. It offers a full suite of systems with their corresponding solutions for assembly, fastening and watertightness, complementing a vast selection of products from the INDEX® catalogue. The correct installation of steel and aluminium structures is essential to getting maximum performance from the system, as they help ensure the installation is long-lasting and optimally oriented and inclined.


Looking to the future

The incorporation of this new range focused on the renewables sector is an example of INDEX’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. The development of this new solution has been a challenging research and innovation project that led to the incorporation of cutting-edge technologies in materials/coatings and the need to design new profiles and assembly systems to deliver innovations to today's market.

Technical support

We provides our customers with full advisement on the different systems and their suitability for the installation location, custom calculations and component breakdowns. We also have the technical resources to verify that the entire installation is done with maximum guarantees of success.


INDEX's technical team provide our customers with full expertise in the range, giving personalised trainings to teach the correct use of all the possibilities and features of the products.

Products adapted to small users

The range includes load calculation documentation in the assembly kits to facilitate correct installation, according to the parameters of geographical positioning and layout in the field.

Certified and environmentally friendly production in Spain

A large portion of the products included in the new range is produced in Spain, which is necessary to guarantee the high levels of quality and innovation required.


The range consists of:

- Clamps and gauges for assembling panels

- Profiles, junctions, guides and joints for the support structure

- Connectors + accessories for assembling solar structures

- Triangles for installing solar panels

- Adjustable accessories for installing solar panels

- Direct fastening accessories for installing solar panels

- Watertightness accessories for installing solar panels

- Kits for solar installations

The entire range is compatible with other INDEX products ideal for solar panel installation.


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