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Positive sensations in the new INDUSTRY TOOLS fair 2019!

Positive sensations in the new INDUSTRY TOOLS fair 2019!

We are satisfied with the results of the fair, being a great opportunity to be closer to the customers, and to show and enhance the wide range of products and services we offer, such as display solutions, which attracted a large number of people.

The numbers can be summed up in almost 20,000 visitors of approximately 70 different countries, according to the organization. Thanks to this and especially to the great work done by the team, it can be said that INDEX received a large number of visitors from the northern part of the peninsula, although, we can say that the number of other parts of Spain and other countries has increased.

May you wish to find out about all the solutions we can offer you, visit www.indexfix.com and download our 2019 catalogues.


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