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New INDEXcal V4 suite - Now with Rebar design module

New INDEXcal V4 suite - Now with Rebar design module

Index announces the release of the new version of its INDEXcal anchor design software.

Now the application has grown to a suite where you can find not only our classic anchor design module, but also a new module for post-installed rebar connection design according to Eurocode-2.

With this module it is possible to evaluate in a fast and simple way the necessary rebar lengths to connect a new concrete structure to an existing concrete one by means of a group of rebars, in order to restrain the external applied loads (tension, shear and / or moment).

End users can customize the design case via concrete strength, rebar types, sizes and their distribution inside existing and new concrete structures, concrete members dimensions, base material temperature and drilling method, using a 3D user-friendly interface.

The software gives you the alterative to calculate the necessary rebar length based on external loads applied, or assess the maximum loads consistent with ductile rebar steel failure (rebar yielding).

Module returns a pdf report with all verifications according to Eurocde-2 duly performed.

All ETA approved chemical anchors are included in this module, which can be selected by the end user:

·         MO-H: hybrid resin, granted with ETA 13/0780

·         MOPURE: epoxy pure 1:1 resin, granted with ETA 14/0325

·         MOPUR3: epoxy pure 1:3 resin, granted with ETA 17/0658

To take advantage of this new 4.0 suite you should uninstall current 3.0 version, and install the new version, which can be downloaded from our website www.indexfix.com,  Downloads / Software area or click HERE to download.

Our technical department is available for any necessary support


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