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Discover our brochures of range

Discover our brochures of range

INDEX Fixing Systems offers its new brochures of range.

Meet our products!


INDEX Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of anchor systems, has designed two brochures to present in an easier and simpler way their product range. All our products are gathered in a general brochure that can quickly be seen the different product families, along their main characteristics (approvals, certifications ...). Among the significant commitment that INDEX Fixing Systems performed by the sector of sanitation, is the publication of his own brochure designed for this sector, with a selection of more than 350 references. With the aim of facilitate the use experience on each brochure is provided the page number where the product is in the catalog, both in General and in the Sanitation, and can thus expand the information of product desired. All products are available on the website of INDEX Fixing Systems, www.indexfix.com, where both versions can also be downloaded in PDF.


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