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Customized Display Solutions & Self-service

INDEX Fixing Systems' portfolio includes the new corner exhibitors and double sided shelfs INDEX Fi...
Customized Display Solutions & Self-service

17 Dezember 2012

INDEX Fixing Systems' portfolio ioncludes the new corner exhibitors and double sided shelfs INDEX Fixing Systems' portfolio includes the new corner exhibitors and double sided shelfs

INDEX Fixing Systems expands its display portfolio with customizable furniture and new products

Logroño, December 12th, 2012.  INDEX Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of anchors, screws, and other fixing systems, wants to meet and anticipate the needs of its customers by presenting its new range of displays and self-service solutions for industrial and professional suppliers.

This new incorporation widens the service that the Spanish firm has been offering since  September 2011 with results that have exceeded the expectations of both customers and the company itself. The new display supply includes furniture, such as corner exhibitors or double-sided shelves, which seeks to be an answer to specific space and location requirements that other traditional furniture fails to meet. And it is, just like the traditional exhibitors, fully customizable and can be personally designed for each client and each situation.

The range of products available for exhibitors has also been extended with every novelty that INDEX Fixing Systems has launched in the last year. The innumerable product combinations possible have enabled the Spanish company to develop a broad portfolio of business solutions to any specific professional fields (woodwork, metalwork, steelwork, construction, or drywall),  several product ranges in different display lengths, the professional box (anchors, screws or wood screws for metalwork), timber connectors and blisters (both in different ways), and a large offer of POS advertising.

The aim of the new display solutions is still to meet the sales and marketing needs of the customers.  The process to achieve this goal has not changed either: the INDEX Business Development Team studies each case and presents a 3D solution to the customer, which consists of a planogram accompanied by a report about product deployment and rotation. This  service is performed with the Nielsen’s Spaceman Suite software.

INDEX Fixing Systems continues to market other types of sales formats, in addition to the different display solutions and self-service ranges. The self-service range offers specific sales designs to professionals: for solid and hollow materials, solid materials, hollow materials, wood and concrete, or metal, which makes it possible to display a wide range of products in a limited space and minimize the handling costs. Likewise, the blister range is divided into four product families: anchors, screws, clamps, and varied assortment, which facilitate and dynamize the sales of these products at the point of sale.


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