Assessed CH anti-spin anchors

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Only a well-designed anchor achieves assessment

Features of the CH range

  1. Cone with anti-spin fins to ensure correct installation.
  2. New New design in sleeve opening. This optimises the entrance of the cone and facilitates its expansion.
  3. Practical information for installation, diameter and length.
  4. New Improved sleeve die to ensure a more efficient expansion.
  5. Depth mark required to ensure correct performance.
  6. New Blue rubber with anti-spin fins which facilitate installation.
  7. Washer which increases the mounting surface.

Assessed products. Safety guarantee.

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Our desire to improve and certify the quality of our offer to meet the needs of our customers leads us to increasingly expand our range of certified products. The Assessment processes are carried out by prestigious institutions that guarantee that our products meet the highest standards of quality and technical suitability.

Data sheets Assessed Products Range

Maximum performance and guarantees

Gráfico comparación mejoras nuevo vs antiguo anclaje antigiro CH
Heavier load
The improvements applied to this assessed version mean that the performance of the new anchor increases by 20%.
Pantalla escritorio software INDEXcal
Available in INDEXcal
Range available in INDEXcal, our software for doing calculations with anchors.
Técnico fácil instalación
Easy installation
With the installer in mind and in order to guarantee correct installation, we have improved the design of the anchor’s sleeve.
Estantería almacén
Recommended uses
Fastening of signs, Shelves, Panels, Porches, Handrails, Urban fixtures, Canopies, Fence posts, Cinema or stadium seats).
Materiales sobre los que se puede utilizar los anclajes antigiro CH
Base materials
Installation on solid materials: Concrete, Reinforced concrete, solid brick and stone.
Información del anclaje en el etiquetado
Full information on the label
We include information on the product, its installation and functions, providing its identification and product selection.

Benefits of assessed products

Homologación en laboratorios prestigios
Maximum performance
The assessed products have passed over 150 tests in prestigious laboratories: EOTA, ICC, CE... which ensures the correct performance of the product and with a maximum guarantee.
Sello 100% información técnica verificada
Guarantee and Safety
Assessed products have proven technical information. The anchors comply with the specifications 100%.
Cálculo costes instalaciones
Lower cost with Assessed products
With greater traction capacity, fewer assessed anchors are needed in each installation.
Puente colgante
Public works
Enables bidding on projects that require the installation of assessed products.


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