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6th Global DIY Summit

"Very satisfied with our participation as Gold Sponsor"
6th Global DIY Summit

26 Juin 2018

For INDEX it has been a great success to participate in the 6th edition of the Global DIY Summit, essential to know and share with the attendees, the keys necessary to achieve the success of all components of the hardware and DIY sector, from manufacturers to the end users.

For the occasion and in order to present the wide range of exhibition solutions, the firm chose to carry more than 5 linear meters of exhibitors.

INDEX Fixing Systems offers a free service in which the specific case of each client is valued and the needs and capacities within your business are studied to create a completely customized and adapted linear. We bet on the Packaging as a way to provide greater value to the customer and we rely on continuous improvement to offer the customer new more versatile and useful formats.

The conferences were of the highest level and from INDEX Fixing Systems we could verify that we are not going badly, since many of the lines of work or strategic concepts that stood out, we find them in the DNA of our organization.

In INDEX Fixing Systems we can highlight the following premises:

         Innovative attitude and continuous transformation. In a sector in constant change, we must be flexible and flexible to adapt.

         Focused on giving solutions to the client. Committed to a quality service, and a collaborative approach between all the components of the chain, in which we all add value and we all win. Relations WIN - WIN.

         Great commitment to solutions at the point of sale. It is necessary to add value to the establishments, greatly facilitating the work of the seller and generating a better shopping experience for the customer.

         Technology as a fundamental pillar.


In the event they could put in common the necessary keys for the hardware and DIY sector, among which we can highlight:

         Major changes in the sector: innovation and continuous transformation are necessary. Transform whenever necessary and as many times as necessary.

         Indispensable to have an adapted strategy and focused on the client.

         Collaboration between manufacturers and distributors: Collaborative approaches create value. In contrast, competitive approaches divide value.

         The aspects that discern one distributor from another have changed: they are no longer the range, promotions and locations. New ones have appeared, such as commitment, inspiration and services.

         Go from product provider to solution provider, invest together in solutions and share data.

In summary, the event has been a great opportunity to exchange ideas and concerns with the top international leaders of the home improvement industry.

 You have to invest in the consumer experience. Make your customers feel the added value, if you use their data. Our job is to satisfy the customer thanks to the data.

         Employees with the needs of customers.

         Products and services with customers.

         The product to the shelf, to the site and to the client.

         Experience: from the store to the online store and vice versa.


The general director of Leroy Merlin Spain insisted on the absolute necessity of renewing establishments, products, creating experiential areas, offering ideas ... "We have to go from buying things to enjoying being in the store".

Garry Ridge presented his ideas of what a good leader should be, summarized in eight points:

         Leaders involve their people.

         They are competent; they continue to learn every day.

         Connect with people.

         Exercise and practice good judgment.

         They need to have a strong sense of self-esteem.

         They value the virtues of opposites.

         They do what they say they are going to do.

         Move forward, move forward.

"People who are passionate and motivated by a purpose, guided by their values, create amazing results"


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