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April 28th. World Day for Safety and Health at Work

Committed to health and safety at work
April 28th. World Day for Safety and Health at Work

10 Mai 2018

April 28th. World Day for Safety and Health at Work. 

- Drive your life - 2018 Committed to health and safety at work, all the INDEX components took part in some security talks, in which the theme of this year was road safety. Highlighting the importance of daily commuting.

"Occupational accidents are a real blot, the data of the last year confirm it: in 2017, 618 people died in work accidents" Francisco Canes Doménech, president of the DIA Association of Victims of Accidents and Fundtrafic.

Some relevant data on accidents at work in 2017:

618 people have died in work accidents, 14 more than in 2016.

32.7% of the deaths due to work accidents are due to ALT (Traffic Occupational Accident).

583,425 work accidents with sick leave, 5% more than in 2016.

The greatest risks for workers are still located within the working day. 86.3% of work accidents with sick leave in 2017 were accidents in mission.

Among traffic accidents, traffic accidents account for 9.7% of accidents due to sick leave, however, accidents in itinere are the cause of 61.9%.

The traffic accidents in mission represent 26.9% of the total and, nevertheless, they are behind the 39.6% of deaths by ALT.

91% of fatal accidents in itinere are occupational traffic accidents (ALT).

Of the 202 people who died in Traffic Accidents, 39.6% died in accidents in mission and 60.4% in accidents in itinere.

We invite you to think about it: Which risk behaviors do you identify when driving? What emotional state interferes with my kind driving? What will I do to improve this?


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