A Perfect Fixing
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The perfect fit for your screwdriver

The perfect fit for your screwdriver

We present one of our latest products, the OXBIT (PU-OX) bit, designed to ensure that the screw remains completely fixed to the bit, allowing for an ergonomic installation in any position and improving the screw guide. 

High quality, perfect fit, and less effort.

Its design ensures the perfect fit in the mortise and increases the tightening surface to provide optimal transmission of force. It is specially designed to guarantee transmission in jobs that involve high torque values and to withstand high speeds and the torque of impact drivers. All this helps to reduce effort during installation.

OXBIT bits reduce the “Cam-Out” effect, which is especially high in jobs that involve machinery and can cause the bit to slide out of the screw mortises. Reducing this effect helps to increase the useful life of the bits and the mortises.

A complete range

INDEX screwdriver bits are made of high-quality steel and are available in a wide range of heads: PH, TX, OXBIT, PZ, and square in different profile lengths and recess sizes.

Applications and uses

Thanks to the variety of heads, they are suitable for different hexagonal head screws, including Allen head screws. They can be fitted easily to the screwdriver for maximum convenience.

OXBIT bits are designed for all types of installations that require the use of a screwdriver. For example, they can be used to fix sheet metal profiles with DIN-7504 self-drilling screws, which are available in a wide variety of lengths, heads and coatings thanks to the extensive range with the new DIN-7504N HT Z with a panhead and TX recess and the new DIN-7504-P HT Z with a countersunk head and TX recess.


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