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A new technology in a new INDEX chemical anchor

At INDEX we continue betting on innovation, this time with the new MO-PS+ chemical anchor
A new technology in a new INDEX chemical anchor

13 January 2021

We have incorporated the innovative handling signal system into  MO-PS+ (Styrene-Free Polyester PLUS) chemical anchor, a unique new technology on the market that provides a visual indication of when the product can or cannot be handled.

Thanks to the new formulation, which is unique on the market, the resin changes colour from blue to grey as the curing process starts. While it is still a shade of blue, the applied stud or rod can be adjusted. Once it turns grey, the stud may no longer be adjusted.

These are the main steps to follow when using this product:

1 - Application: Once the material has been drilled and any debris cleaned away, insert the chemical anchor. If the material is hollow (e.g., a hollow brick), it must be installed with a screen.


2 - Adjustment time: While the MO-PS+ is still blue, the rod can be adjusted to be correctly set in place. The adjustment and curing times are detailed on the product label.


3 - Wait for the curing time: When the colour is completely grey, the adjustment time is over, and the curing starts. The time will vary depending on the ambient temperature, so it is advisable to follow the curing times printed on the product label.



4 - Apply the load: After the curing time, the load can be applied.



There is also an explanatory video available offering a clear demonstration of the colour change.

The MO-PS+ chemical anchor, with EOTA approval for all types of non-cracked concrete, masonry and all concrete applications, A+ environmental certification and LEED tested, guarantees maximum performance for medium-high loads (withstanding maximum loads of 6,600 kg in concrete and 115 kg in hollow brick). It is particularly suitable for fixing stone cladding, restoring façades, and fixing supports for air conditioning, signs, boilers, shelves, etc.

The new MO-PS+ is part of the wide range of chemical anchors offered by the company, all of which are approved by the world's most prestigious institutions.


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