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New PU-EP polyurethane foam

New PU-EP polyurethane foam

We have expanded our range of products from the polyurethane foam family with a new polyurethane adhesive suitable for the installation of ETICS plates(PU-EP), new nozzle formats for the TILE (PU-TC) and FIRESTOP (PU-FC) versions and the new ECOFLEX nozzle.


The new SATE/ETICS PU-EP polyurethane adhesive, suitable for the installation of ETICS plates (External Thermal Insulation Composite System), insulation panels and drywalls. The high density in its formula ensures immediate initial fixing and high adhesion. The main advantages:

·         Maximum quality. Certified product in accordance with ETAG 004 (EOTA TR046)

·         Instant fixing

·         Low expansion. Facilitates precision during installation

·         Allows adjustment/levelling of panels or slabs

·         Maximum performance at a lower cost. Cover up to 16m2 of panels/slabs with one unit. The exact dose of polyurethane adhesive reduces use of materials

·         Express Installation: Mechanical curing time of between 1 and 2 hours

·         Extremely versatile. Suitable for use in any climate


The ECOFLEX nozzle allows the product to be applied in a more ergonomic manner, even making it possible to access the most difficult spaces with just one hand thanks to its flexibility. Its innovative blocking system means that the product can be kept and reused for several days, reducing product waste and being more environmentally friendly.

The launch of these products is further proof of the company's commitment to being leader in the world of fixing and achieving the perfect hold.

These new features add to those introduced over the last few months, the new range of silicones and adhesives MS, and compliment the wide chemical fixings range that is already available. 


New PU-EP polyurethane foam

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