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Advantages of the Window box format

Discover all the advantages this format brings
Advantages of the Window box format

10 August 2017

INDEX Fixing Systems is committed to innovation. With the aim of improving the presentation and optimizing the management of points of sale. This is why it offers a wide variety of sale formats and exhibition solutions that perfectly adapt to the needs and requirements of the customer, designed to facilitate the replacement of product and to exponentially increase the visibility of the point of sale.

Among the different solutions, we find the window box, a format claimed by the most demanding market.

A format with guarantee of profitability.

The window box has been evolving and enhanced since his launching at the beginning of 2015. Thus, it applies the advantages of this format to fulfill the needs of its industrial channel clients, providing the product a higher visual attractiveness and offering amounts in conformity with market standards.

The new format offers the client useful information about product installation and technical characteristics. In addition, it provides various advantages to the dealer, it improves the sales point appearance, it speeds up the reposition process, benefits product turnover and simplifies stick control.

The implantations of the window boxes, are contemplated in the expositive or display solutions that INDEX Fixing Systems includes in its customized service INDEX SPACE STUDIO. This service, provides a precise analysis of the range of products the customer wants to have in the lineal, in order to cubicle, organize and improve the point of sale, it translates into a guaranteed increase of profitability, of both the linear and the business itself.

More than 550 references in range

105 references per 1 meter line

15 references for 7 shelves

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