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INDEX Fixing Systems Launches New Catalogs 2017

INDEX Fixing Systems Launches New Catalogs 2017

The 2017 catalogues include the new EASYKits format, the restyling of the blister range and the new products launched by INDEX Fixing Systems.

INDEX Fixing Systems present two new catalogues: the General Catalogue and the Plumbing & Hvac Catalogue, tools which replace previous versions launched in 2015.

The new INDEX Fixing Systems catalogues, with a more attractive and visual design than their previous versiones, have the great novelty of being differentiated by language, facilitating user experience.

The General Catalogue 2017 features a wide range of products, including the latest additions available at the company in La Rioja, in addition to the format available for each article.

For its part, the 2017 Plumbing & Hvac Catalogue comprises a specialized range of products in the supply channel for plumbing and heating fixings and accessories.

Both catalogues contain details technical information for each product, allowing the user to make the most suitable choice for their requirements.

All the products featured in the new catalogue are available on the INDEX Fixing Systems website, www.indexfix.com, where PDF versiones may also be downloaded.


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