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INDEX Fixing Systems launches the new AV anchors

INDEX Fixing Systems launches  the new AV anchors


The new AVC and AVR make up the range of fixing systems for ventilated facades

Logroño, June 3, 2013. INDEX Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of fixing  systems, launches its new range of anchors for ventilated facades: AVC in corrugated version and AVR in threaded version.  Together with the MOPOLY and MOPOSE chemical anchors, the MO-TN nylon sleeves and MO-TM metal sleeves, and the T-NUX plastic anchors, the AV anchors form a comprehensive solution for the installation of ventilated facades.

The AV anchor is a single-point type of fixing system made ​​of A2 stainless steel AISI 304. It is  installed by fixing the end of the bar into the wall by means of a chemical anchor (MOPOLY or MOPOSE).  At installations in hollow base materials, it is recommendable to use a plastic (MO-TN) or metallic (MO-MT) sleeve. The stone panel is fixed at the bolt-through, flat end of the AVC/ACR anchor.

Along with this release, INDEX Fixing Systems also presents the use of the T-NUX anchor with the stone colour MOPOSEP chemical resin as a solution for the rehabilitation of ventilated facades.

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