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New Construction Products Regulation

INDEX Fixing Systems has a wide range of products regulated by the new rules Logroño, April 26, 20...
New Construction Products Regulation

30 April 2013


INDEX Fixing Systems has a wide range of products regulated by the new rules

Logroño, April 26, 2013. The new Construction Products Regulation 305/2011 (CPR) comes into force in its entirety next July, 1st,  with the aim of ensuring that all building products offer reliable information about their performance. For this, the regulation provides a common technical language, and provides homogeneous methods to assess performance of these products. The new CPR, which replaces Construction Products Directive 89/106/EEC (CPD), was approved on March 9th, 2011, and establishes July 1st, 2013 as the deadline for implementing all changes required.

The main novelty introduced by the CPR it that, as stipulated in Article 4.1, it becomes mandatory for the manufacturer to issue a Declaration of Performance (DoP) for any product that is covered by a harmonized standard (hEN) or conforms to a European Technical Approval (ETA). The harmonized hEN standards list a series of construction products that must compulsorily demonstrate compliance with the specifications detailed in these standards. The accreditation of the products that are not included in a hEN standard, on the other hand, is optional, and it is the manufacturer who requests their ETA voluntarily. However, those products that have been conceded an ETA, must always be accompanied by a DoP and the CE marking, just as the ones covered by a harmonized standard.

INDEX Fixing Systems’s catalogue includes products with both types of approvals. Both the TEXZ high performance chipboard screw range and the PL, PL-RA and PL-TR drywall screw range, collected respectively in the harmonized standards EN 14592:2008+A1 and EN 14566:2008+A1:2009, have their  corresponding CE certificates. In addition to that, as of July 1st, they will also be accompanied by the DoP stipulated by the Regulation. Moreover and in its pursuit of excellence, INDEX Fixing Systems offers a wide range of products accredited by an ETA, including MT anchors for heavy loads (MTH, MTP and MTH-A4), heavy duty anchors for high performance in concrete (SL-RT and SL-VT), chemical anchors MOPOSE, MOEPSE and MOVISE, and the CA-QU chemical capsules. All have been approved on INDEX Fixing Systems’ request, and have, in addition to the ETA, their respective CE certificate and DoP.


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