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INDEX Fixing Systems launches a new download area

INDEX Fixing Systems launches a new download area
Download area Download area

Logroño, April 12th, 2013. INDEX Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of fixing systems, inaugurates a new download area on its website, www.indexfix.com. The new area, which is accessible from the home page, offers it users every single piece of documentation that INDEX Fixing Systems has about its products in a quick, simple way.

The download area searching system is the same as the one of the rest of the page, and sorts documents based on the product to which they are related. It offers two possible searches: directly by reference, or based on the family group to which the product belongs. The documents can be downloaded directly by clicking on the icons resulting from the search.

INDEX Fixing Systems’ Technical Library has three types of technical documents: theTechnical Data Sheets, the Material Safety Data Sheets, and the Accreditation System Data Sheets. Each document is associated with its corresponding product, and includes the features and specifications that are not shown on the commercial catalogue. In addition, the download area provides access to other documents, such as specific monographs or commercial vouchers of complete product families. Finally, this technical section also includes a direct link to the download area of INDEX proprietary software: INDEXsoft Cal, for the calculation of anchors required for an installation, and INDEXsoft Mor, for calculating chemical mortar cartridges needed for an installation.

This documentation was already available to all users of the website through the specific section of the product at the doc tab, but the new download area not only performs a direct search for documentation, but also allows a global view of it at product family level.


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