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INDEX Fixing Systems - Display Solutions

INDEX Fixing Systems offers a free service in which each client's specific case is valued. The needs and requirements of the business are analyzed to create a completely personalized and adapted linear.
INDEX Fixing Systems  - Display Solutions

07 September 2017

INDEX Fixing Systems is committed to innovation, with the aim of improving the presentation and optimizing the management of points of sale. This is why it offers a wide variety of sale formats and exhibition solutions that perfectly adapt to the needs and requirements of the customer, designed to facilitate the replacement of products and to exponentially increase the visibility of the point of sale.

Personalized service

INDEX Fixing Systems offers a free service in which each client's specific case is valued. The needs and requirements of the business are analyzed to create a completely personalized and adapted linear.

After conducting an exhaustive study of the customer and the usual assortment, the client receives a presentation in 3D and a planogram. Exhibition solutions service is not limited to closed and imposed solutions, the client may include in our catalogue, all combinations of references you want within the exhibitor.


Support at the point of sale

The exhibitors increase exponentially the attractive visual point of sale. All exhibitors are accompanied by elements of visual support, such as plates, floor adhesives, product delimiters, label, strips of cross-selling or explanatory POS elements.

The exhibitors from INDEX Fixing Systems renews the point of sale, making it modern and updated to the latest trends in the market.

INDEX Fixing Systems complies with the premises of the SRP - EASYPackaging concept.

• Facilitates replacement - increasing the rotation of the product and simplifying the stock control exponentially. 

• Facilitates the identification - By labelling by colors , it is much easier to differentiate products, since each color represents the material of use to which it is intended.

• Facilitates the opening of packing 

• Great visual appeal of the product.

• Facilitates the purchase -The user at a glance, can see all the technical characteristics, as well as useful installation information.


They are also available mounted exhibitors for Blisters and "EasyKits" solutions, favoring the impulse purchase thanks to its attractive visual and ideal to place on counters or walkways. The client receives these exhibitors with the product allready assembled, so you just have to take it out of the box and place it in the area you want. 


INDEX Fixing Systems exhibition solutions are a great opportunity to modernize and update a point of sale to the latest trends of the market without added cost. They are designed to increase the profitability of our customers and thereby achieve the results of mutual trust, based on respect, professionalism and flexibility.

You can request your personalized Exhibitor by sending an e-mail to comercial@indexfix.com

For more information: indexfix.com/aussteller


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