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INDEX Fixing Systems Anchor design software

Discover the advantages of the new version for the anchor design software (INDEXcal)
INDEX Fixing Systems Anchor design software

03 Oktober 2016

Discover the advantages of the new version for the anchor design software (INDEXcal)

INDEX Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of anchor systems, its offering to their customers this calculation software.

INDEXcal has been designed in the framework of the European Consortium of Anchor Producers, the ECAP. The software facilitates those anchors of the general catalogue appropriate for fixing in a specific case, issuing a technical support report based on the European method of calculating anchors. The user must enter the configuration and size of the anchor plate, anchor distribution on it, implemented actions, edge distances, type and strength of the base material, distribution of reinforcement in concrete, edge distances between anchors as well as temperature and condition of the drill (in case of chemical anchors).

That new version allows the installation design with non-regular anchor plates includes irregular anchor distribution, helps to generate quick distributions anchorages and side loads possibility of applying to the axes of symmetry of the anchor plate. With more power in solution filtering due to more wide and intuitive menu, the user can plate configuration with regular anchor distribution, matrix, circular or triangular.

It has included calculations for anchors subjected to fire conditions, and all calculation options for seismic applications, including ductility calculation method.

The software is available at the company’s web site www.indexfix.com, in the Calculation Software area. If you already have the previous version can upgrade it from the same software.


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