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INDEX Fixing Systems bets on fixings for sports

INDEX Fixing Systems collaborated with the E.A.E. (Aragón School of Caving) in an expedition to th...
INDEX Fixing Systems bets on fixings for sports

07 August 2012

INDEX Fixing Systems  apuesta por las fijaciones deportivas INDEX Fixing Systems collaborated with the E.A.E. (Aragón School of Caving) in an expedition to the Himalayas late 2011 Logroño, Spain, 14TH April 2012.  INDEX Fixing Systems, industrial manufacturer and supplier for anchors, fixing systems and screws, bets on the sports market by introducing their TFDEX anchor for mountaineering, abseiling, gorge canyoning and caving.  The Spanish Company, which will exhibit at the Fastener Fair Hannover, Stand 21-Hall B21, 24th-26th April, breaks a new business ground in order to consolidate as a benchmark for the sports market. INDEX Fixing Systems collaborated with the E.A.E. (Aragón School of Caving)  in an expedition to the Himalayas late 2011.   The Magner TFDEX anchors were put to the test to optimum results: “We did not find the slightest problem.  Any other expansion anchors would have made it impossible for us to abseil down those gorges, due to the uncertain consistency of the rocks, calcareous-slate schist, where no expansion anchoring systems ever work properly.  However, the INDEX Magner TFDEX 7.5mm worked perfectly as they do not apply tension to the rock”, said Arturo Monteagudo Gil, Caving and Abseiling Instructor for the E.A.E. “I personally consider the Magner TFDEX screw-anchors are the future of all explorations for abseiling, speleology and climbing.  The short installation time they require even by using hand brace drills,  the short battery consumption when using a power drill, and the great confidence they inspire, allowed us to relax in these situations and enjoy the activities  completely.  They can be installed almost everywhere, whatever the activity is, even in soft and almost disintegrated rocks, where it turns impossible to install expansion anchors.  They work perfectly at shear loads and even better at extraction loads, which makes them perfect for installation at ceilings, very common at speleology activities. Their light weight allows to carry a high quantity of anchors very comfortably, which translates into a great exploration autonomy.  To sum up, here is a premise to bear in mind by any group to carry out any of these activities:  there is no anchor today that can beat the quality and functioning of the INDEX Magner TFDEX screw-anchors.”, he concluded at his Study of Anchors for the E.A.E.’s Expedition to the Himalayas 2011.  


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