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Install our displays in four easy steps

1. Study: Personalized study of each customer based on their type of business and usual selection.

2. Presentation: Presentation of planogram in report form. Detailing of the assortment that makes up the display as well as the ordering of the products by category.

3. Sending Material: Sending of material according to the detailed preparation process.

4. End Result: The customer renews the point of sale, giving modern service which is up-to-date with the latest market trends.

More than a shelving system

Complete service that guarantees an increase in profitability by modernizing the point of sale, providing new packaging concepts and taking full advantage of shelfspace.

Add value to the point of sale

Counter displays

Counter displays

Attractive displays which favour impulse purchases as they are located at hot-spots at the point of sale. Content intended for DIY use in blister and Easykit formats.

Personalisation by sectors

Personalisation by sectors

We customize displays by themes: construction, sanitary, aluminum, wood, electrical sector, etc.

Cross-sale strips

Cross-sale strips

“Hook” products to be placed next to complementary products. They increase impulse purchases and create value for the final consumer.


Bulk sales implantations

Our INDEXmix system allows the end customer to buy the number of products and product references that adapt to their needs.

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Exhibition solutions for anchors, fixings, screws. INDEX Fixing Systems


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