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All of us who make up INDEX. A Perfect Fixing work daily towards maximum customer satisfactions.

Committed to quality



In order to guarantee maximum product quality, we have strict control of the manufacturing processes. Endorsed by the ISO 9001 certification, we maintain our quality commitment to our customers. In addition, INDEX. A Perfect Fixing is committed to the approval and certification of our products, supported by the most prestigious institutions worldwide. We have the following assessments.

Commited to our products

All of us who make up INDEX. A Perfect Fixing work to achieve satisfied customers and to guarantee mutual trust based on respect.

At INDEX. A Perfect Fixing we are committed to our products, guaranteeing maximum quality, thanks to compliance with the most rigorous standards of control and inspection at all points of the production processes.

Based on the principles of our philosophy, and thanks to the continuous improvement in all areas of the company, services and production processes, we are able to offer products of the highest quality, adapted to our customers' needs.

Prepared SAT team

INDEX. A Perfect Fixing offers comprehensive technical advice to all its customers through a team of specialized engineers.

Training our customers

We offer our clients free training courses on anchors, screws, and anchor calculation. We enable the technical training of their commercial staff, so that they may offer products with the maximum knowledge possible.

Professional Applications

We provide software developed by our technical department to facilitate performing mechanical and chemical anchor or mortar cartridge calculations.


Quality Management

ISO 9001

The Tüv Cert Certification guarantees that INDEX. A Perfect Fixing has implemented a quality management system in line with ISO 9001: 2008.

We provide this certification and all other quality certifications, as well as our wide range of technical specifications and safety data sheets, to any customer who requires them.

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INDEX. A Perfect Fixing, Committed to Quality

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