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New TEX high performance chipboard screw

The new high performance chipboard screw comes in five versions, with different socket and coating possibilities.


INDEX Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of fixing systems, present their new high performance chipboard screw – TEX – which has European certification in accordance with EN 14592 regulation.

The technical characteristics of the TEX chipboard screw family make them the perfect solution for use in wood structures. Its thread with optimized diameter and length guarantees maximum precision and speed during installation, it is self-cleaning and so expels chips or shaving during screwing, its ultra-sharp tip allows for screwing with no need for a prior drill-hole, and the irregular serration on its thread makes installation easy, reducing installation torque. In addition, its special self-countersinking head allows for perfect insertion into the material during screwing.

The company from La Rioja provides its customers with five different chipboard screw solutions, depending on the coating and the socket. Both the TEX-BT and TEX-BP bichromated versions and the TEX-ZT and TEX-ZP zinc-plated versions have Torx and Pozidriv recesses respectively. The TEX-A2, with Torx recess and A2 stainless coating, is resistant to corrosion and rust, ensuring optimum performance in all types of exterior wood structures, such as porches or terraces.

In this way, the customer may use the most suitable recess for each application type, from carpentry and DIY to assembling large structures, offering the user maximum versatility and safety.

Available in professional box, blister and box with window formats.

Find out more about the new INDEX Fixing Systems high performance chipboard screw here.

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Learn how to use and maintain the gas gun FP60GUN


INDEX Fixing Systems, in collaboration with “El Rincón del Bricolaje”, shows you how to use your FG60GUN direct gas fixing gun.

Gas fixation is an automatic system that allows a fast, autonomous and instant fixation with high performance.

The FG60GUN can be applied on metal profiles to blocks, concrete and metal beams, on wooden profiles on concrete and steel.

Appropriate for use in all types of elevated pipe, cable or false ceiling.

Check this link to see the video tutorial:

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INDEX Fixing Systems launches to the market the new anchor for hollow ceilings HC, Approved by the EOTA (European Organization for Technical Assessment).

Its use is particularly suitable for installation in cavities or solid materials; facilitating and enabling installation with short distances. In addition, it is suitable for the use of screws and threaded rods with metric thread.

The HC has a collar that prevents that it can be fully inserted into the hole, thus avoiding problems and making easier the installation.

The anchor is Approved in the CE framework and has a ETA for use in non structural applications in concrete hollow interior. Additionally, it has the approval of fire resistance.

Discover more information about this product here.

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INDEX Fixing Systems, certified quality

The company offers a wide range of products Approved by the higher standards: EOTA, CE, Leeds, ICC, UL and FM.


INDEX Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of fixing systems,  continues to broaden its range of approved product. The approved range includes the MT through bolt anchor for heavy loads, INDEX Fixing System’s flagship product, with six ETA Approved products: The zinc-plateds MTP and MTP-X, the A4 stainless steel MTP-A4, and the sherardized MTP-G in Option 1 for uses in cracked and non-cracked concrete and the zinc-plated MTH and the A4 stainless steel MTH-A4 in Option 7 for uses in non-cracked concrete. The MTP, MTP-X, MTP-A4 and MTP-G hold a Fire Resistance Certificate. In addition, the MTP and MTP-X have the approval SEISMIC in category C1 and C2. Other ETA Approved metal anchors include the heavy duty anchors for high performance SL-RT in Option 1, for uses in cracked and non-cracked concrete, also Fire Resistance certified and SEISMIC approved, and the SL-VT in Option 7; as well as the drop anchor with internal thread for heavy loads HE-HO and HE-CL both in Option 7.

INDEX Fixing Systems’ chemical anchor range is also ETA Approved. The range includes six different products, which, in turn, branch into a number of versions designed for specific installation conditions. Thus, there is the MOPOLY, polyester anchor ETA Approved in Option 7 for uses in concrete, and its stone colour and winter versions; the MOPOSE, styrene-free polyester anchor, ETA Approved in Option 7 for hollow brick and concrete, along with its stone colour, winter and summer versions; the MOEPOX, epoxy-acrylate anchor, ETA Approved Option 7 for concrete; the MOEPSE, styrene-free epoxy-acrylate anchor, ETA Approved Option 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete and ETA Approved for rebar connections and SEISMIC Approved Category C1, along with its winter and summer versions, and the MOVISE, styrene-free vinylester anchor, ETA Approved Option 7 for concrete and hollow brick, ETA Approved for rebar connections and Fire Resistance Certified; and the MOPURE, pure epoxy anchor, ETA Approved Option 1 for cracked and non-cracked concrete, ETA Approved for rebar connections, ICC ES Approved and SEISMIC Approved Category C1. All the chemical range except for the MOVISE, in addition, is Leeds Approved. The CA-QU chemical anchor capsule, with epoxy resin, quartz and a phial of hardener, is also ETA Approved in Option 8.

The plastic anchor offer too an ETA Approved family. The T-NUX universal frame anchor is ETA Approved for categories A, B and C in all its versions: countersunk and hexagonal zinc-plated versions and countersunk and hexagonal A4 stainless-steel versions.

In addition to the ETA Approved range, INDEX Fixing Systems also offers other (¿no le falta una “s” a others? no lo tengo del todo seguro) certified products. The wood screw range includes the TEXZ, high performance chipboard screw, on its zinc-plated, yellow zinc-plated and A2 stainless-steel versions; the DIN-571, coach wood screw, on its zinc-plated, A2 stainless-steel and full thread versions and the INV tamperproof screw on its zinc-plated, A2 stainless-steel and black zinc-plated versions; all of them CE certified for structural timber applications according to Construction Products Regulation 305/2011. The drywall screw range too is certified for plasterboard according to Construction Products Regulation 305/2011, and it includes the PL screw on its zinc-plated, black-phosphate, coarse thread and self-drilling versions.

The BN nylon cable tie is twice certified on its black and white versions. In one hand, it is CE certified for electrical installations according to EN 62275. In the other hand, it is UL (Underwriters Laboratories) Approved.

Finally, the AB-PE, sprinkler pipe clamp is FM Approved for its use on fire extinguishing systems.

All Approvals and Certifications as well as Technical Data Sheets are available at the company´s web site,

Events Fairs

Project Qatar 2016

INDEX Fixing Systems present in the Qatari fair celebrated in May.

Feria Qatar

INDEX Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of anchor Systems, has been present in the annual fair Project Qatar, celebrated in Doha Exhibition and Convention Center (DECC) from the 9th to the 12th of May.

The Spanish company has exhibited for third time consecutively, in order to consolidate its image and its market position.

The INDEX Fixing Systems team stressed the interest shown in the products presented on the part of the assistants, being members of the Persian Gulf.

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Learn how to use and maintain the powder gun FP08

INDEX Fixing Systems, in collaboration with “El Rincón del Bricolaje”, shows you how to use your FP08 direct powder fixing gun.

Direct powder fixing guns are the best solution for fixing nails independently and without the need to drill.

In this tutorial we explain how to use the gun and the steps for having the most appropriate maintenance. Following the policy of helping our customers, subtitles have been included in different languages.

Find out more information about our direct powder fixing range at


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