INDEX Fixing Systems redesigns the format of its plug range

New window box - TN4S

New window box – TN4S

The new window box incorporates the advantages of the self-service system to the industrial format

INDEX Fixing Systems, heeding once again the needs of the market, adapts the packaging of its plug range (T4S, IPA, MEDU y TAPLA), offering a new window box for industrial supply.

This novelty is in line with the new window box for self-service that INDEX Fixing Systems launched at the beginning of 2015. Thus, it applies the advantages of this format to fulfill the needs of its industrial channel clients, providing the product a higher visual attractiveness and offering amounts in conformity with market standards.

The new format offers the client useful information about product installation and technical characteristics. In additions, it provides the distributor with various advantages, since it improves the sales point appearance, it speeds up the reposition process, benefits product turnover and simplifies stick control.

The new range is included in the 2015 Catalogue, and can also be found at the comany’s web site

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INDEX Fixing Systems presents the new seismic homologation for the SL-RT


The new certificate allows the use of the heavy duty anchor for applications under seismic action.

INDEX Fixing Systems, true to it’s constant reach for excellence, has upgraded the certification of it’s SL-RT, heavy duty anchor for high performance in concrete. The new certification (Category C1) allows for the anchor to be used in non-structural applications in public and private buildings under low seismic level, as stated in the eurocode prEC2 (EN-1992-4).

The SL-RT anchor keeps its current approval, the European Technical Assesment (ETA) 11/0323 in Option 1. The new seismic certification integrates within this ETA.


INDEX Fixing Systems opens its doors



During the first semester of 2015 over a dozen clients have visited the Spanish company, including the members of Cooperative COINFER

INDEX Fixing Systems, true to its policy of closeness to the customer, has hosted over a dozen of its clients on its headquarters in Logroño during the first half of 2015, offering them the  opportunity to see first-hand the company’s facilities. These visits have already been successfully arranged in past years, and are the ideal framework to strengthen commercial relations in a personal way.

One of the most notorious visit has been, in addition to those of several international clients, the one payed by the partners of the cooperative COINFER, who made a joint visit in April. The associates did not only got to know INDEX Fixing Systems’ facilities, including its warehouse with its state-of-the-art voice driven picking system, or its production area; but they also enjoyed the environment and gastronomy of La Rioja.

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INDEX Fixing Systems presents its range for ventilated facades

New guide for ventilated facades

New guide for ventilated facades

A new guide summarizes INDEX Fixing Systems’ specific solutions for the installation of facades

INDEX Fixing Systems launches a new guide with its range for ventilated facades that aims to present, based on quality, security and installation speed or coating criteria, the key aspects to consider when choosing the appropriate fixing system.

The guide offers the description and technical characteristics of the main metal, chemical and plastic anchors used for ventilated facades, along with their corresponding trials and European Technical Assessments (ETAs). Thus, it includes the AV metal anchors, specific for ventilated facades, in addition to the MTP and MTH bolt anchors for heavy loads; the polyester MOPOLY and MOPOSE and the epoxy-acrylate MOEPOX chemical anchors, in all their normal, winter, summer and stone colour versions; and the plastic anchor T-NUX, the universal frame anchor.

The guide is available on INDEX Fixing Systems’ web site,, in the Catalogue area.

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INDEX Fixing Systems presents its new ETA approved drop in anchor


The HE-HO and its version with flared lip HE-CL are ETA approved in Option 7 for structural and non-structural uses in concrete

INDEX Fixing Systems presents its new approved drop in anchor with internal thread for heavy loads the HE-HO, and its version with flared lip, the HE-CL. Both anchors are certified by a European Technical Assessment (ETA) in Option 7 for fixings in non-cracked concrete (ETA 014/0135) and for multiple non-structural uses in concrete (ETA 14/0068). Both the HE-HO and the HE-CL are fire resistant.

The HE-HO and HE-CL anchors are part of the HE family, which also includes the HE-NO, the non-approved version of the anchor, and the HE-A4, made in stainless steel A4 and specifically designed for humid or corrosive environments. The drop in anchors work by expansion of the anchor body, and are installed by hitting the expansion cone with a hammer and the specific installation tool EXP.

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INDEX Fixing Systems presents its new INDEXCal 2.2

INDEXCal 2.2

INDEXCal 2.2

The new software improves its graphic interface and introduces new calculation variables, offering a more complete and precise service.

Logroño, April 30 2015. INDEX Fixing Systems presents the new version of its proprietary software for the calculation of metallic and chemical anchor installation,  the new INDEXCal 2.2. The update implies the graphic and content improvement of the software, enhancements developed based in the evolution of both the necessities of INDEX Fixing Systems’ clients and the technical characteristics of the company’s products.

Regarding its graphic appearance, the new INDEXCal 2.2 presents a new interface in 3D, which optimizes the preview of the installation being calculated. As for its content, the update improves extensively last version’s calculation capacity. Thus, it includes a new calculation method for groups of 2, 3 and 6 anchors with shear loads toward the edge of the concrete base, and incorporates the possibility of installation depth optimization for chemical anchors. the new version also offers new plates in addition to the 1, 2, 3, 4 and 6 anchor rectangular existing plates: 8 and 9 rectangular plates, 6 anchor hexagonal plate, 6 anchor round plate and 3 anchor triangular plate.

The new version contains all actualizations that INDEX Fixing Systems has launched in its new catalogue, and includes all of the company’s new ETA approved products: HEHO, MTP-G, MTP-A4, THDEX, etc.

The new version is available at INDEX Fixing Systems’ web site, at the Calculation Software section. Those users who already have INDEXCal installed can update online through the program itself.


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