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New MTP-G sherardized through bolt anchor



The MTP-G, ETA approved in Option 1, is the most recent addition to the wide range of certified and ETA approved products

Logroño, December 19th, 2014. Index Fixing Systems launches the new MTP-G sherardized anchor, an addition to the company’s flagship family, the MT through bolt anchors for heavy loads. INDEX Fixing Systems remains faithful to its commitment with quality, and the new anchor is ETA approved by the European Organization for Technical Assessment.

The MTP-G is a stronger and more resilient version of the former hot dip galvanized version of the MT. The anchor is made out of sherardized steel (immersed in a 450ºC melted zinc bath), and shows higher resistance to corrosion than normal zinc. The sherardized steel has also got a  smoother surface than hot dip galvanized steel, which allows for a better expansion of the anchor, and it reduces mechanical interference issues with threads. The MTP-G is ETA approved in Option 1 for its use in cracked and non-cracked concrete, and it is length-marked in the upper part for easy identification, even after it has been installed. It is specially suitable outdoor or humid installations.

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INDEX Fixing Systems launches the new CH-GE with hook spiral



Its special head with a spiral shaped hook has been specially designed to fasten nets, meshes, cables and ropes

Logroño, December 15th, 2014. Index Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of fixing systems, launches the CH-GE, the hook spiral version of the CH anti-spin anchors.

The particular hook spiral head makes the new CH-GE a perfect anchor for fixing meshes and security nets to façades and all sort of constructions, as well as cables, ropes, etc. The hook’s complete lap and the spiral’s opening allow an easy installation of the rope or cable, while guarantee a perfect fastening.

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INDEX Fixing Systems presents the new design of the TRA

TRA - New design

TRA – New design

ts new ergonomic structure with three mounts increases the anchor adherence to the base material

Logroño, November 28th 2014. Index Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of fixing systems, presents the new design of its TRA, the express nail for batten fixings to concrete floors.

The express nail for batten fixing is used to fix a panel to an underlying area, and specifically designed for assembling wooden strips or battens over a surface. The new ergonomic structure, patented for its use by INDEX Fixing Systems, includes three mounts in the  outside area of the anchor that increase its adherence and resistance to extraction, resulting in better fixed batters.

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Installation video of MAGNER


MAGNER installation video

MAGNER installation video


MAGNER – Concrete screw anchor with Silver Ruspert covering

More installation videos on INDEX Fixing Systems’s Youtube Channel


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Packaging INDEX Fxing Systems

Packaging INDEX Fxing Systems

INDEX Fixing Systems: easy solutions adapted to the clients’ needs

Logroño, Spetember 29 2014. INDEX Fixing Systems, manufacturer and industrial supplier of fixing systems, will exhibit at Eurobrico 2014, at Level 3, Pavilion 2, Stad C42. The company will present, exclusively at the Valencian fair, its new ranges of self-service and window box, as well its wide offer of display solutions and multi-solution formats.

New self-service and window box ranges

The new DIY proposals from INDEX Fixing Systems aim to meet its clients specific needs. Thus, the new formats are more versatile and useful for the final client, as they offer more manageable quantities and sizes, more suitable for self-employed professionals and DIY users. In addition, the packaging of the new ranges presents, in a graphic and clear way, basic information on the product, its installation procedure and its functions, facilitating its identification.

The new ranges also improve the product management for distributors and in sales points. Their packaging, easier to recognize and with a more complete product presentation, speeds reposition up, helps the product to rotate, simplifies the stock control and improves the product’s presentation, thus helping to steer sales.

Multiple solution formats

In addition to the Free Service and window box ranges, INDEX Fixing Systes has very wide offer of special formats for specific needs, including its ML organizer families for multiple materials, for drywall or for wood; the DIY Indemol and Chemical Fixation kits, composed of every element needed to carry on an installation in an easy and cheap way; or the plastic jars with multimaterial nylon plugs.

Display solutions

INDEX Fixing System’s stand at Eurobrico will also show a representative sample of the display solutions that the company offers its clients. The customizable displays optimize space at the sale’s point, and allow a higher rotation of the product. The two metres that will be shown at Eurobrico display a representative sample of the whole product range of INDEX Fixing Systems, and include the new self serviceand  and window box ranges,  and the blister, as well as product from the professional range, and a selection of products from the HVAC & Plumbing range, launched at the beginning of 2014.


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